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Welcome to my section for BB Group Dynamics, covering the entire duration from Friday 27'th May- Friday 12'th August 2005


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Big Brother remains the ultimate in psychology experiments. With an all powerful force able to manipulate housemates in any manner it likes, BB is able to do what most psychology professionals would never dream of even asking to test, since it wouldn't get passed by even the most liberal of ethics panels.

The following schematics give my own impressions of how the group develops over the 11 weeks. There will doubtless be some mistakes in some of my perceptions of who likes who - not least because some housemates might be faking it for the benefit of getting ahead in the game, however I believe the general aspects are mostly correct.




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1. Nominations. I've only included details of situations where housemates voted for each other. Such cases are usually useful in clarifying where the major alliances are, and who really is not getting on with one another.

2. Name placement on the board. Names are relative to each other, so that (in most cases), a housemate next to another is more friendly than one who is not. Similarly, names directly opposite are usually indicating that these housemates are in direct opposition, and will be/have nominated each other.


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