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Big Brother 4 : Nominations history

Welcome to the Nominations section, it is usually quite interesting to see how the housemates have voted against each other across the 64 day long series. There are often some patterns in how they vote, with some housemates tending to always see evicted, the ones they nominate for.



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Section last updated : 27/04/05 01:45:17



23/5 3/6 10/6 17/6 24/6 1/7 8/7 15/7 * Day 64 Show ends
Day 1 12 19 26 33 40 47 54
Anouska Jon Jon Jon Tania Nush Not voting Nush 1'st
  Tania Fed Fed Nush Ray Ray
Jon Justine Cameron Tania  
  Tania Steph Cameron
Anouska Justine Fed Fed Ray Ray  
  Jon Sissy Scott Nush Nush
Anouska Justine Sissy Fed   Tickle Returns
Not Voting
Not Eligible to win
  Fed Nush Ray
Anouska Jon  
Scott Ray Jon Fed Gos Steph Not voting Steph  
  Jon Fed Jon Steph Gos Cameron
Jon Justine Jon Jon Tania Nush Cameron
Nush 2'nd
  Jon Cameron Cameron Steph Gos Cameron
Anouska Steph Steph Jon Steph Gos Not voting Cameron 3'rd
  Jon Jon Cameron Tania Steph Steph
Anouska Ray Scott  
  Scott Fed
Fed Scott Jon Fed Ray Ray Not voting Scott 4'th
  Fed Sissy Ray Nush Nush Nush
Jon Cameron Jon Cameron Gos  
  Sissy Sissy Jon Scott
The 13'th housemate... Not voting Not voting
(again, lol)



-Notice how Gos has had one of his nominations evicted for the first 4 rounds -although admitidly Gos is now out of touch in the BB house.
-It remains hilarious how Tania was 'so shocked' when sissy left - despite the fact that she wanted Sissy to be booted in both week 2 and 3.

-The '3 Amigos' : The clique of Fed, Ray and Scott was noticed by both Nush and Steph early on in the game. They both said to BB that they consistently felt outcast by the threesome. Just look at how both women voted for the Amigos. It was a sad day indeed for us viewers to see Fed get the boot in week 4. As at nomination round 6', Ray remains a prime target for both women.

-the loss of Anouska in week 1' will forever remain the biggest screw up in BB history. Anouska would almost certainly have stayed for some considerable time, had she been given the chance. C4/Endemol have a lot to answer for, and the slump in phone/text votes is testament to their incompetence in holding nominations that first night.

-Gos : Notice how the man escapes a single vote until round 5, at which point he starts to become a prime target of the house, and as expected was evicted the first change the public got.

* As ever, the quiet ones 'get away with it' for a few weeks, but in the later haft of the show the other housemates begin to realise that the quiet ones have shared nothing at all. The 'Blending into the wallpaper' strategy does ensure some high degree of initial survival, but it really damages the long term potential to win. This process happens quite abruptly, as have been seen in Gos' case. The public also tend to react the same way,

For any BB5 housemate, a tactic of 'batten down' initially for first 3-5 days seems wise, but then it would seem imperitive to get 'noticed' not only by your fellow housemates.. but get noticed by the media and the viewing public. A carefully crafted argument at some of the more dominent housemates would probably garner some degree of respect from the public. Although it would probably result in the housemate being nominated. However, i would suggest that it would be useful to be up for nomination in week 2-4, if only to see how whether the public decide to keep you in !

* As of writing, it would appear that the final night will see Scott, Cameron, Steph, and Ray.

Prediction : Cameron wins, with Ray/Scott in a split vote as close runners-up, Ray as runner up?  Steph definately last place.

Nush is sure to get booted this Friday. It just a shame that the public will not have the option of voting for the Mighty Tickle.

**Update Sat'26'th July.

      As expected, Steph booted first, Scott/Ray in a split vote - with Ray 2'nd... and Cameron winning. None of them deserved to win BB4, which was by far the most dissapointing series of the four. We can only wonder what 'twists' aka cheap gimmicks C4 have lined up for viewers next season.

           Calrissian : Yet to be nominated ;)